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You need to use terminal in order to install Firework on Linux. The best thing to do is download the file to your Downloads folder: ~/Downloads. Next, open terminal and navigate to your downloads folder by typing cd ~/Downloads. You can then run ls to see all files. Type unzip Firework then press tab to autocomplete. Next type cd Firework then press tab again to enter the folder. The last thing to do is to type ./Firework_start then press tab the last time to autocomplete. This will start the install process and add it to your system. Hope that helps!

Awesome! Thanks Alexey. I believe the bookmarking wouldn't be that hard to implement and would allow for users to choose what they want to reference. Actions would be nice, but I think to many could over-complicate the whole purpose of Firework. Best to keep things neat and simple.

I am on macOS Catalina 10.15.7 and my version of Firework is m2.30.4.