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PDF Won't preview in Outlook / Office 365

Francis 3 года назад обновлен Timur Bakhtiyarov 3 года назад 3

Using the outlook app in office 365, preview of PDF files returns : "An error occurred while the document preview was being created. Please try again later."

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Hi Francis! We can't reproduce this error. Maybe it's problem of the PDF-file. If this file is not secure, can you send it to us?

E-mail: timur.bakhtiyarov@startpack.ru

Hello Timur, It was all PDF files that would give the same error, but worked in Firefox. (Excel for example were ok). But after a refresh this morning they are all working in bot Firework and Firefox. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Не ошибка

It's good Francis, and if this behaviour occurs again, tell us. Thanks for the feedback!

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