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PDF Won't preview in Outlook / Office 365

Francis 6 years ago updated by Timur Bakhtiyarov 6 years ago 3

Using the outlook app in office 365, preview of PDF files returns : "An error occurred while the document preview was being created. Please try again later."

Satisfaction mark by Francis 6 years ago
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Hi Francis! We can't reproduce this error. Maybe it's problem of the PDF-file. If this file is not secure, can you send it to us?

E-mail: timur.bakhtiyarov@startpack.ru

Hello Timur, It was all PDF files that would give the same error, but worked in Firefox. (Excel for example were ok). But after a refresh this morning they are all working in bot Firework and Firefox. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Not a bug

It's good Francis, and if this behaviour occurs again, tell us. Thanks for the feedback!