Remember Password

Francis 6 years ago updated by Grace Barwell 6 years ago 4

I don't know if I have missed something, but there does not seem to be a way to save Login and Password information. My e-mail provider auto-logs out everyday, so I need to type in both login and password once a day. A remember password option would be very useful.

Under review

Hello Francis! We care about security of our users and do not want deal with user's passwords for a while, so it needs secure integrations with containers (like Google Smart Lock). But we already have an issue about this and we will increase its priority. When we'll take it in plan, we'll contact you. Thanks!


I am using fireworks and it is really superb. But since I have multiple mails and other things everytime I need to type in password. I think that major browsers have opportunity to store passwords and that is tho only thing that is missing. 


Hi Andre. Sorry for the late answer. It is not realized yet because of important security aspects. I added your idea to the issue. We are going to implement this feature; I will inform you when it will planned.

Thank you! For making my life easier. It is a superb app.