Check for update button

Mooz80 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 9

It would be nice if a "Check for update" existed with the release notes written. I find it hard to find if a new update exist and what it fixes. 



Hi! Firework updates automatically and there is no possibility to disable the updates. Your client get updates in a hour, so this button is not needed. You always can check release notes in Menu -> About Firework. Thanks for the idea.

is it supposed to work in Mac OS X as well? My client doesn’t update automatically, wondering why... thanks 

Yes, in Mac updates work in the same way. Why do you think that your version on Mac isn't latest? Please, tell us version of your Firework on Mac. You can see it in Menu

I now have because I downloaded it again from the website. Prior to the manual download, I was on


Hi! Tell us please how do you install Firework? Is it in "Applications" folder?

Hi, I used the standard procedure: double-click the dmg file, then it offered me to drag the application in the Applications folder. It's located in the regular "Macintosh HD" applications folder, not my specific user one. 


I don't know if you changed something, but I got a refresh icon (two arrows in circle) that worked today and the new version came up. Maybe I'm good now! 

That's cool! Contact us, if you have any questions or ideas.