[MAC] Clean after app's on remove

Natrim 6 years ago updated by Timur Bakhtiyarov 6 years ago 3

When i remove launcher app it keeps it's data at /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support

(i tested some tens of apps)

And the contained data can add up to many MB

It would be nice if the Firework cleaned after apps removed trough it. (via right click and remove)

(Manually removing directly from /Applications is normally triggering custom cleaners)

(there may be more locations than just Application Support)

(this one probably would be nice to have on windows too)


We already have an issue with this problem, it will be fixed with the next update at 11'th May. Thanks.

We are sorry, but our release is postponed to 25'th May for technical reasons :( 


Hi Natrim!

We released update on Friday 25th, and now if you remove app from Launchpad, its data will have removed too. Thanks for the feedback!