[MAC] Don't add apps to global /Application

Natrim 6 years ago updated by Timur Bakhtiyarov 6 years ago 1

It would be probably better to not install apps globally to /Applications,

but use user only /Users/<username>/Applications/Firework folder

ie. like JetBrains Toolbox

(the global variant could be optional, if some users prefer that)


Hello. Thanks for the idea, we will think how install new apps in the special Firework's folder. 

We can offer you another way for a while:

1. Move Firework.app in folder that you want

2. If you want to recreate your existing apps in the such folder, just make the next steps:

  • Right cick on app's icon 

  • Remove from Launchpad

  • Move to Launchpad

New apps will be created in new folder.