Window size remaining the same after closing and re-opening

Andrew McCallum 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 14
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Hi, Andrew! 

Are you asking about web application's window? If you talk about web app, is it snapped to the half of screen size? 

2018-04-11 21_05_32-NVIDIA GeForce Overlay.png

2018-04-11 21_07_09-.png

One screenshot shows how I re-sized the window and the other screenshot shows the window size when I open it up.

Is there any way so it remembers the window size?

Window size must be remembered in any cases, but I can't repeat this on my machines.

This behaviour appears with only this web application?

Also, tell me your Firework version. Thanks.

Ah Ive only added Google Play Music so far, I haven't tried many others yet, only got this just today.

Windows 10 Build 1709


Under review

Try to add Google Play Music again. Does that help?

I did try multiple times even with different URLs, it didn't make a difference. I don't know if this helps either but im using a 1440p monitor and my scale size is set to 125% because I prefer the UI size compared to native 1440p scaling.


I can repeat your problem with the 125% scale size. We create an issue and this bug will have fixed after 27'th April update. Thanks for the feedback!


Fantastic, thank you so much for your help ;)

If I find anything else, i'll let you know.

We fixed that bug earlier, you can try new version now :)

Oh tremendous, sorry one quick question, does this software have an auto-update function? or do I need to install a new version manually?

Also, I have tested this and it works, nice job and thank you

You'll get the update in an hour. Click on it, and Firework will update to the latest ( version. 

Oh so that icon will appear automatically when the software reaches out to the server to ask if there is an update?