Your clock is ahead

guk me offcial 7 months ago updated by Alexey Fedorov 4 months ago 3

Image 245Time Zone Currently Being Used in Iran: Current Time UTC +3:30 IRST Fri, 4:21 PM. Idk why firework says that my clock is behind or ahead.

Under review


We are studying this issue. I'll let you know as soon as we figure out what the problem is.

Hi! To deal with this problem, we need to find out what OS you have.

If you use MacOS, here are recommendations on what you can do: https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/227522672/clock-is-ahead-error?hl=en

If not, please tell me: Are you able to open our website - https://firework.cloud - in a browser on the same computer on which you ran Firework?