Pinning apps to Dock not working

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Opened apps don't show their own icon on the desktop so I can't pin them, and window frames render oddly, with no rounded corners. http://take.ms/n9hto


Hi Juan! Sorry, this is our known UX bug. To pin a web application to Dock you need to add it with separated profile. Then you can use "Move to Launcher" context menu. Web application will convert to macOS application, and it will be possible to add it to Dock.

We have discover many issuess with this feature. We are going to fix this UX bug as a hotfix during one or two weeks.

Thanks for the help and the quick reply! I managed to add to Dock, but the icon seems overly large. http://take.ms/T7JsE

Does this happen with all icons?

Also can you take a look at the non-rounded corners issue as well?

Unfortunately (or not) by default Firework takes apple-icon which was added by service developers. But we can replace any icon to more beautiful. Which service has wrong icon on your picture?

Looks like this is Intercom. Right?


Yes. The icons looks good, but the sizing is wrong (compared to Slack's Mac app icon above).


We fixed the icon. You can add the application again to apply this, or wait a few hours.

I hope it help you.


Hi, Juan. We have updated Firework. Now when you add a new web application you can select "Add to Launchpad" button.

Your application will be added to Launchpad. You can to pin it to Dock as usual.

Continuing the conversation from product hunt about pinning apps to the dock.

How do you try to pin a web app to Dock? We assume the usual way to
pinning to Dock, as it works for other applications. Please tell me what
you got.

I'm new to firework so maybe this isn't the usual way:

Open firework, added gmail with a new profile, right click on the icon in the gallery and choose add to launchpad.

I don't see anything in the dock or the launchpad.

I just downloaded firework on 2017/12/4 and have version running on macos 10.12.6

Hi Dominik. Glad to see you here. :) Here are steps:

1. Update Firework if you did not done it. :)
2. Add any web app and select "As applicaton in Launchpad".

3. After clicking "Add" a web app will launch.
4. You can select "Options ⏵" → "Keep in Dock".

5. Your web app will remain in Dock.

Please let me know if you have any issues. Thank you! :)

It still doesn't work. When I use the "As application in Launchpad" I get an error message "Error, please check web application URL".

If I use the middle option, a web application is created  but then I can't see it in the dock.

I downloaded the most recent version 10 min ago just to be safe.

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Looks like it is a bug. Which version of macOS do you use? Can you provide the exact URL that you are using? If this is private information, please do not do this.

We need this information to reproduce and fix this bug. When we reproduce this bug, I can tell when we fix it. Thank you!

Dominik, it seems that this problem is due to change of Python version, because of what the standard utility xattr does not work. We will release Firework update with the fix of this problem on December 8th. I will inform you.


Hi Domink. The problem have fixed, the update just came out. Within a couple of hours you will have such a button:

Click on it, Firework will update to the latest version. Please try to pin a web app to Dock. We could not reproduce this problem, therefore we fixed it blindly. But I hope that fix will really solve the problem. Tell me if something will be wrong. We are in touch and we are going to fix any issues.

Looks like its working great now! Thanks!

I just updated to and this problem is back. The dock icons for my existing apps no longer work and I get the same error as previously when I try to make new apps.

When I launch the existing apps from the fireworks window, they don't
appear in my dock even if I right click and "move to launchpad".


Dominik, please install previous version until we fix this bug completely. You can download it by this URL: https://firework.cloud/fw/download/packages/Firework. Use your account to syncronize all your apps. Do not update it until I will not inform you about the fixing. Sorry again.

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