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Get Location Permission

Frank Sproede 2 months ago • updated by Alexey Fedorov 6 days ago 2


it would be nice if you could add an "Use the Location" option (like the "Use the camera and microphone" option). This is useful when you use a weather site on a laptop.

Alexey Fedorov 6 days ago

Hi guys. Thank you for your feedback. We agree this feature should be implemented. It will be implemented after next release. It can takes approximately one month. I will inform you here.


Whataspp not working - Suggest agent ID change.

Alexis 1 month ago • updated by Alexey Fedorov 4 days ago 1

Hello. Whatsapp seesm to be asking to upgrade to chrome, opera, etc. Any of the branded browsers. However, it fails to detect Firework as chromium (and by extension Chrome). Is there a chance to force Firework to change the user agent to Chrome, so that apps can be more compatible? Since you already have the mobile phone agent switch, I am thinking this one is probably a small tweak.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

Alexey Fedorov 4 days ago

Hmmm. Great idea. I handed your idea to developers who are working on new Frework engine with new Chromium inside.


Needs a Dark Theme or Skin

Cherokee Wilber 9 months ago • updated by Alexey Fedorov 3 months ago 2

Firework is, simply put, great. It could be better though, if it had a dark theme or skin to match Windows' Dark Theme.Right now it is a bit of a glaringly obvious outsider in the visual scheme of any dark themed setup 

Alexey Fedorov 3 months ago

Hi. We added this featute in Firework.2.24. Please update ypur Firework if you did not make it. We hope you will enjoy! :)


Remember Password

Francis 7 months ago • updated by Grace Barwell 3 months ago 4

I don't know if I have missed something, but there does not seem to be a way to save Login and Password information. My e-mail provider auto-logs out everyday, so I need to type in both login and password once a day. A remember password option would be very useful.



Felice Della Gatta 1 year ago • updated by Stone 4 months ago 6

Allow us to sort apps in custom categories/folders


Add ability to enforce mobile user-agent

derekbtw 1 year ago • updated by Alexey Fedorov 1 year ago 2

This would be VERY cool. If you added a checkbox to the "add web application" view, that made it so your user-agent would appear as a mobile device. That way you'd be able to add https://m.imgur.com and the new https://m.reddit.com.

Right now, this is not possible. You can only do it if you use Chrome and change your device view to a mobile device. So it tricks the site and enables a cookie that lets you view the mobile site.

Alexey Fedorov 1 year ago

I’m glad to inform you that we made this feature. :)

  1. Open the web app address bar, click on the web app menu.
  2. Check “Simulate mobile browser” item.
  3. Enjoy.

Under review

Google Docs

maxlinker44 1 month ago • updated by Alexey Fedorov 1 week ago 1

Google Docs and other google things do not work entirely without extensions (Like copy and paste on Google Docs, like what's the point of firework if you can't even copy and paste hahaha). Since you use chromium can you add a way to add the google extensions or hardcode them ? Thanks !

Alexey Fedorov 1 week ago

Hi. We use Google Docs via Firework every day. Recently we found issues with pages preload, but other features works normal. Can you tell with extensions do you use? Which operation system? We can hardcode extentions, we need more info about this case. Thank you!


Hello, I LOVE this software! Feature Request

JerDoggMcKoy 5 months ago • updated by Alexey Fedorov 5 months ago 1

I would love the ability to either create my own folders for organization or be able to add or subtract from the catalogue of webapps =)

Alexey Fedorov 5 months ago

Thank you for the interesting idea. It is a good feature for corporate version of Firework. We will review it.


MAC Badge counter not working anymore with new Gmail version released this week

Mooz80 9 months ago • updated 9 months ago 2

When using Classic Gmail, badge counter shows number of unread emails (which is my #1 reason for using Firework, love it!). 

With the new Gmail release this week, badge stopped working. 


Print and downloads

tecnico 11 months ago • updated by Alexey Fedorov 10 months ago 2

It would be nice if you could print and open the downloads.

Alexey Fedorov 10 months ago

Hi. We have added both features. You should have received this in the last update. Please try it. If you have any issues with it, just tell us.